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Marvelous Maldives: The Secret Place to Learn The Art of Doing Nothing

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By: Ahmed Hussain

What is a maldive?

Yes, it’s the perfect place where there are not many things to see, no places to go, no modern sky scrapers, no historical places to visit, no discos, no night life. There are no zoos, no big gardens, no cinemas, no citizens, no police and no soldiers. Yet it’s the best place to be, the most beautiful place, the paradise on earth. Few people think it’s the place where Adam and Eve once lived. It’s the best place to learn the art of doing nothing. Such a place is called a Maldive.

From Alaska

Kurumba Maldives

Perhaps, you will find it worthwhile if you are in Tofty, Alaska, leaving the beautiful white and green scenery to an international airport, and fly through the heat of Dubai, after another four hours, – make sure this part of the trip is during the day time and window blind is up, you will start relaxing if you are looking down through the window. You have seen nothing like it; the most beautiful natural scene you can see from high above.

Found the treasure

The scene will make any artist jealous of the painter of the marvelous artwork on a huge deep ocean-blue background, like various shapes and sizes of green stones; surrounded by white
snow-like chains which appears to be moving. As your airplane descends, you do not realize that the real you are descending into the sweetness; mesmerized by changing, most beautiful cool colours from dark blue now on a gradual transformation into light green, across a crystalline white ring protecting an untouched green gem. The treasure, I found it!

Sunny side of life

Suddenly you realized your airplane landed; you are completely relaxed; never felt anything like it. Where am I? It must be a dream. You look around and you see strangers in an airplane, everyone with a smile though; so are you; happy. You just have been on the edge about to reach The Art of Doing Nothing.
Soon out of the airplane, surprisingly on to a staircase, not an aerobridge; but you are happier; a warm refreshing breeze caresses your body, you notice the bright blue sky, the sun at 2 o’clock position. A small airport with a few airplanes some of them had ‘Maldivian’ printed prominently across the fuselage. Welcome to the Sunny Side of Life, the Maldives. So you came from Alasaka all the way.

The Maldives

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, all you need is to unwind, relax and have a touch of nature to compose your ever stressed out minds. Maldives is a place where God has secured the best of everything. Maldives is a combination of beautiful islands every one of which is uniquely exotic having the best scenic beauty along with the incredibly pure and inviting oceanic treasures. The environment has been kept natural and earthy though just to remain in touch with Mother Nature and the exoticness has not been manipulated in any way.

English soccer player David Beckham in Maldives with his family

Not the Maldivians. As a people of hospitality, they are determined to share this natural wonder with the peoples of the world. Visit Maldives Year 2016 campaign has just been launched with the official logo.

Visit Maldives Year 2016: Everybody Welcome


The simple logo tells the story, “make things simple, the icons carry stylized versions of Sun (hospitality/ climate), Sea (environment / marine life) and Sand (islands / people / flora and fauna); sand depicted as a piece of coral which are the building blocks of the Maldivian islands. The overlapping of these elements connect each other to resemble the strength of Maldivian tourism industry.” No more secrets, Maldives, the paradise on earth welcomes everybody.

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